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I am an avid/experienced cyclist.  My first introduction to road bike cycling was when I joined a Triathlon club.  I soon learnt to time trail, ride in a group and conquer daunting hills, mastering the skill of wearing cleats (clip in shoes).  

I have racked up a lot of mileage which has included taking part in sportive events.  My longest distance to date in one day is 117 miles.  102 miles were ridden in 6 hours and 6 minutes in the Ride London 100 event last August.   I have enjoyed cycling in all weather conditions, even torrential rain and snow.  My best experience however has to be in Lanzarote at the Triathlon Training Camp at La Santa where the climate was fantastic, the roads traffic friendly and the hills awesome! .

I will help you to get cycling with confidence and learn how to enjoy the feeling of freedom it gives to be whizzing through the countryside!      

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"I offer training to either individuals or groups."

I used to find running hard.  I constantly lost my breath and my legs would ache after only a short distance.  I refused to give up and I now know what it takes to persevere to get over the twenty minute barrier.  I regularly run for an hour at a time and have realised the physical and physiological benefits of being a runner.  It is a great stress burner, gives you time to think, breathe and whittle away the fat/burn calories.  It is something you can do almost anywhere, and once you have purchased your trainers there is very little cost.  

I can help you to get off the treadmill and out into the fresh air.  I can help you achieve your goal, whether it is a marathon or a fun race like the kamikaze.  You decide!