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F A T   B U R N I N G

I offer the opportunity to join my High Intensity Interval Training “Insanity” classes located in Windsor.  

This is a group session of 50 minutes duration. The session comprises of:-

A 9 minute warm up

A dynamic stretch.  

3 blocks:- Plyometric, Strength and Endurance and Balance and Agility.  Each block comprises 4 exercises and these are repeated 3 times with a 30 second break after each set of 4.

A power move of 1 minute after each block.  

A Core and Abs section

Cool down and stretch.

As an Insanity instructor I will motivate you to push yourself to your limit.  I will encourage you to dig deeper into your reserves of energy by using mind over matter and building on your personal physical fitness level.

This workout promises to burn at least 800 calories per session whilst toning the body and improving cardiovascular fitness.  It is a toughie, but very worthwhile and the music gets you moving ….

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The Windsor Club – Fridays at 6.10pm (50 mins)  Members free – non- members £5


Upton House School – Mondays at 6.30PM (50 mins) £6

115 St Leonards Road, Windsor S14 3DF