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My first challenge was to become a runner.  I wanted to run 5km for at the Race for Life.  This was my first goal.  Within a short space of time I went  from being a “non runner” to running 5km and then on to  running a half marathon (Reading).  I was able to run the 14 miles  having not run further than 8 miles previously.  I achieved this in a time of 1 hour, 52 mins.  I was able to achieve this by relying on my personal fitness and my mind set (that I had the capability to achieve it if I fully committed to it).


My second challenge was to become a cyclist.  Having not cycled since a teenager, I attempted my first time trial with the triathlon club on a hybrid bike!  My fear of getting lost on route spurred me on and I now look back at that time and laugh.  How different it felt when I progressed to buying a road bike.  From that moment on my love of cycling has been immense.  My best achievement so far has been to cycle a distance of 102 miles in 6 hours and 6 mins and an overall of 117 miles in one day. This I did for charity and yet again my mind set and what and why I was doing this spurred me on.


I also felt that I wanted to get/experience the sense of fun in a long run and so I signed up with two male friends to compete in a 9 mile Kamikaze race (adventure assault course with a bog, hill climb, river, hill slide and 2 x 6ft walls). Although tough, I remember laughing and smiling all the way around the course.  I was totally soaked, covered in mud and picked up some bruises along the way but it was the childlike adventure of it all that I enjoyed.  No pressure or need to compete against others just the total freedom to do something off the wall for a change!


At this point I decided that I wanted to become a Personal Trainer and I spent several months travelling to London and attending courses and exams to attain the qualifications that I needed.  In order to compliment the PT level 3, spin, boxing, exercise to music, and circuits,  I also gained a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) diploma in sport to enable me to analyse the psychological side as well as physical side of fitness.


In order to continually improve my overall fitness, I combine the sports that I undertake.  I mix cardio and strength training, and this includes boxing, circuits, weights, spinning, dancing and running and more recently I have become an “Insanity” Instructor teaching High Intensity Interval Training. By “mixing things up” it aids motivation and stops fitness from plateauing.  

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REPS (Registered Member)

Level 3 Personal Trainer (CYQ)  

Level 2 Gym Instructor (CYQ)

Level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor (CYQ)

Level 2 Nutrition (CYQ)

NLP Coach

Insanity Instructor (Pro Team)

Spin, Circuits & Gym based Boxing Instructor.


Registered Company “BOOSTFIT”

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Ever since I could remember, I had always enjoyed aerobics and a twice a week visit to the gym but as I was getting older I noticed that I couldn’t eat the same things I use to without putting on weight and my energy levels had dropped. I was regularly drinking wine and eating chocolate and a weekly Chinese takeaway.  Over time I had started to become miserable and felt like I needed a kick start.  The self – realisation prompted me to take action.   I booked myself to see a life coach in London and the transformation started after that first visit.  I started to see things in a totally new perspective and something inside me suddenly woke up!  


In a short space of time I was able to improve my fitness level and found a new love of both running and cycling.